WordPress theme

WordPress theme!

A theme is one of the most important part of a WordPress website. It protrudes how your website looks like and how visitors view and interact with your website content with respect to your configuration and arrangement of content. what are the pros and cons of choosing a theme? What is the right pick for you? In this post, you will learn some basic features about WordPress themes and what elements and properties to consider when choosing a theme for your website so as to build a website according to your vision.  

What is a WordPress theme?

A WordPress theme is structured file comprising of other modules that work together to create the design and layout of your site. These include modules like; template files, fonts, stylesheets, images, and possibly JavaScript files. All those files change how your posts are displayed. Themes can control  your site’s layout, or as small small aspects of your site like font and other basic structure of your website.

WordPress theme
WordPress theme

Functions of a WordPress theme

WordPress websites has three essential characteristics which are; the WordPress core code, plugins, and themes.
WordPress is a free and open-source core which provides a framework with essential features for creating a basic WordPress website, but customizing that site depends on a user’s choices of themes and plugins to meet up his/her demand on how the website layout should look like.

Themes are essential parts of every WordPress website because the add more functionality to it, they also add more codes to the WordPress core and hence increase and controls the layout of the website. Themes, along with plugins, allow you to control your site’s appearance and add specialized functions according to your demands. Different combinations of these elements that is theme, plugins and core codes account for the vast variation in WordPress sites we have today in the world wide web(WWW), from small personal blogs to the complex sites of large organizations. For instance, some themes also come with additional features designed to support specific niches, such as photography or e-Commerce.

Installing a WordPress theme | How to install a theme?

Getting WordPress installed is so easy to get through it, WordPress,  click here You can install WordPress themes directly from your site’s admin dashboard. You can find themes from the WordPress theme directory that comes with every WordPress installation. To add a new theme, in your left navigation, look for Appearances -> Themes. If you click on the + block, you will then be taken to the theme directory there, you will see every already installed theme and a possibility to install another them.

WordPress theme
WordPress theme

To add a new theme and set it to be the main theme of customization, click on the top left button “Add” which takes you to a themes page comprising of free and paid themes you can use for your website.

scroll down and check for one that fits to your niche or better still search on the search box for which specific niche of WordPress theme you demand for and a good recommendation will appear for you to chose.

After choosing your WordPress theme, click on install and wait till the installation is complete. now, click on activate to give the plugins more privileges over the existing WordPress plugins 

customizing your WordPress theme is act of making the magic happen that is ensuring that the your website fits into your specifications and how it looks fits your views this come along some basic feature to set up like;

How do you choose the right wp theme?

The right WordPress theme for your website depends on many factors like the site’s goals, your skill level, and your budget. Ask yourself what the purpose of your site is. Be sure to make a list of the features your site needs in order to work the way you want. Then look at a theme and see if it offers such features. Is the theme responsive? Does it offer plenty of templates and customization options to work with? There are a lot of questions you should be asking yourself. In this section we’ll go over the important points you need to consider when choosing a theme.

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