How To Make Money With WordPress The Easy Way

How To Make Money With WordPress The Easy Way

There are endless opportunities for making money with WordPress. With a little creativity and hard work, you can build a successful online business using this popular content management system.

Creating your own blog website

One of the easiest ways to make money with WordPress is to create a website or blog and sell advertising space. This is so great as you can exercise your design skills in creating your own website which you can use to show case and get more income streams from your website. you can use simple wp page builders like Elementor to come out with great designs

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Affiliate sales

Affiliate marketing is the art of selling other people’s products to make commissions from the sales. As an affiliate marketer, you simply use your blog to promote a product and recommend others to buy it. It’s another great way to make money blogging with passive income because once your special link is in place, you automatically earn a commission on sales of that product through that link.

You can also join an affiliate program and promote products or services on your website or blog. Example of platforms with affiliate marketing are Amazon, Elementor, fivver, hosting platforms such as hostgato, alphaRapid, bluehost and many others

Developing and saling wordpress themes

 If you have a knack for coding, you can also develop WordPress themes or plugins and sell them online on platforms like themeforest. Apparently, WordPress isn’t the only CMS out there. A custom-designed website is still an option, but WordPress business certainly has its own advantages:

  • Low overhead costs. There is no prior education required or expensive software to buy. WordPress is an open-source platform, so the initial investment is low.
  • WordPress is popular. Fewer people invest into custom-designed websites and, as we’ve seen earlier, the popularity of templates soared through the rooftop. The market demands quick and easy solutions and WordPress templates deliver.
  • Passive income. Once you upload your theme, you’re pretty much done. Just sit back, relax and enjoy life. WordPress business is perfect for someone who runs multiple businesses as well as someone who is just starting.

Sell Freelance Services

Another great way to make money with WordPress is to offer your services as a consultant or freelancer. Many businesses need help with designing and developing their WordPress websites. If you have the skills, you can easily find work as a freelancer in platforms like fivver and upwork where you’ll be able to grab client and get paid per job you perform

Creating an ebook

If you’re looking for a more passive income stream, you can create an ebook or online course and sell it through your website or blog. WordPress makes it easy to sell digital products with plugins like Easy Digital Downloads.

How To Make Money With WordPress

Sell an eCourse

If someone loves your products or services enough, they’re pretty likely to want to learn more about you and your methods. If you’ve got some great tips and tricks to share about whatever you blog about, your audience could be willing to buy an eCourse from you.

There are endless possibilities for making money with WordPress

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