Cloud Computing is the new form of data storage which  is the availability of computing services such as storage and resources without direct aces to it by user. However, it comes in severs, and it is comprised by series of characteristics that may result to choice of what cloud suits you and not always easy to choose the offer that best suits your business. To better understand the notion of  Cloud Computing, here is a complete definition of cloud computing and some related terms.

cloud computing

Definition of cloud computing

Cloud computing or cloud computing involves harnessing the computing or storage power of remote computer servers through a network, usually the Internet. The servers are rented on demand, most often by slice of use, according to technical criteria (power, bandwidth, etc.), but also on a fixed price basis. Cloud computing is characterized by its great flexibility: depending on the skill level of the client user, it is possible to manage the server yourself or simply use remote applications in SaaS3 mode.

cloud computing services

PaaS ( Platform as a Service): in this mode, the cloud service provider offers or administers their operating system and tools to be used by the user, a user is also obliged to use certain applications of their choice.

SaaS (Software as a Service): applications are provided as services to which users connect via dedicated systems or and specific domain URL. For the general public, some of these examples are e-mail systems such as Gmail, Yahoo, and some Google Apps.

An example to understand this storage system

There exist thousands of cloud computing providers on the Web, and these numbers seams to increase daily as people turn to invest more in internet growth. Not only are there a lot of companies competing to provide cloud computing services, but also the nature of services each company offers her clients seems to grow massively.

Google Docs allows users to upload documents, spreadsheets and presentations to Google’s data servers. Users can edit files using a Google application. Users can also publish documents so that other people can read them or even make edits, which means Google Docs is also an example of cloud  service and in this case, google offers cloud computing services.
Web e-mail providers like Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail store e-mail messages on their own servers. Users can access their e-mail from computers and other devices connected to the Internet with ease and so doing, these services promote cloud computing.
YouTube hosts millions of user-uploaded video which can be accessed via links which is a means of providing resources to different users at different location.
Web site hosting companies  allow members use their computing services that is hosting of websites that can be accessed via URL’s, host graphic content, and other related contend. start and benefit from cloud services such as hosting services that will provide you with best strategies to manage and control you data bout your website.

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