best Podcasting Hosting Platform

Best Podcasting Hosting Platform?

Podcast host service providers are basically just online servers that offer a few extra services that aid the successful creation and growth of your podcast.t talking about the best Podcasting Hosting Platform This are dedicated platforms where you can host your podcast online. So what you do need is a podcast hosting platform, which will store your podcast online, and help distribute/play it to your audience.

let’s break it down to the basics of what you might want in a podcast hosting platform. From there you’ll be better informed about what is best for your podcasting needs.

best Podcasting Hosting Platform

While most podcast hosting platforms will provide you with a set of basic functionalities, it’s better to look for solutions that come with a wider range.

As a beginner, it is natural to think that the storage, an RSS feed, and analytics are enough to get you going. The truth is, as your podcasts evolve, you will likely need better and more advanced functionalities.

Working with a comprehensive tool from the beginning means fewer bumps along the way.

It’s wise to know from the beginning the features and functions you should look for in a podcast to sustain a decent career out of it. To make things easier, we have prepared a list of the features every aspiring podcaster must look out for.

Here you want to think about how much content your podcast host will store for you, as well as how long they will store it.

There are many options on this list that will store as much content for an indefinite amount of time — however, there will be some cheaper options that will only store so much content for you, or even delete it after a predetermined amount of time.

They may also limit how many hours of audio you upload per month.

Be sure to look at the storage options to make sure it suits your needs, and that you don’t get caught short by having your precious podcasts being deleted forever.

Bandwidth is how much data the podcast hosting provider will give you for listeners to stream or download your podcasts.

A podcast host might limit your bandwidth by data, e.g. listeners can only download 250GB in total each month. That might not sound like a lot, but generally, 250GB should be enough for 20,000 to 40,000 downloads per month.

However, there will also be many options that have unlimited bandwidth, meaning you can have as many streams, and therefore listeners, as you desire. Just keep in mind you pay for what you get here.

Many podcast host services will either help create or automatically create a website just for your podcast. On that website, you can integrate your podcast player, show, previous episodes, or even sell merchandise, etc.

This is super helpful for creating a portal for your audience, but be aware website integration can be anything from too limited to offering more features than you need.

Analytics are what you pay attention to when you want to go from just having fun with your podcasting, to potentially actually making money from it.

Podcast analytics can tell you how many listeners you have, how long they listen for, and what your audience/listenership trends look like.

Like anything, analytics will range in detail from basic for beginners, to in-depth and granular for the professionals.

It’s becoming more and more popular to upload podcasts (even just audio versions) to YouTube. This provides you with a new audience, and potentially (if your audience is big enough), a new source of income. Some of the podcast hosts below will automatically upload your episodes to YouTube, saving you time, all while expanding your audience.

Some people also want to be able to transcribe their podcasts, either for the hearing impaired, or perhaps to have a written version for use in the future. Several outside services can do that for you, but you’ll find that some of the hosting providers below can do that for you.

Hey, look, it’s the podcasting dream to make a nice living off talking about what you love right? So it makes sense that most podcasting hosts will have ways to help you either start to make money or improve your earnings from your podcasts.

This can range from charging to listen to your podcasts, putting in ads, or allowing you to crowdfund from your audience to let them support you.

If you’re just starting out, we recommend focusing on the quality of your content, but the long-term goal is usually to at least make a little bit of money!

That covers the basics of what you are looking for in your podcast hosting, so let’s take a look at what the best podcasting hosting platforms are in 2021.

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